Like a Rising Sun

Yakushima is registered as a World Heritage site. The ocean around Yakushima has just as many living creatures as the land. This pictures was taken on the sandy bottom of the ocean surrounding Yakushima.

It is the home of a school of the small fish called Spotnape Cardinalfish. Usually small fish like these are quickly eaten by larger fish but they can survive as a group because of the help of a red big fish called Cephalopholis Sonnerati that is in the center of the picture.

He chases the larger fish away from the school. Even though he protects the school of the small fish from larger fish, he eats the small fish as well.

There is a message in this picture that through “The law of the Jungle” they help each other to survive.

On the 11th day of the shooting under the ocean in the winter, I was finally able to capture this red Caphlopholis Sonnerati coming out of the school like the rising sun.


  1. 上昇していく魚群


  2. コンペイトウウミウシとウミウシカクレエビ

  3. マルスズメダイ


  4. サンゴひしめく七瀬の海

  5. ミナミハコフグ 屋久島



  6. マダラトビエイ

  7. 白化していくイソギンチャクとクマノミ

  8. ヤクシマカクレエビ 屋久島


    アワサンゴの仲間であるAlveopora tizardiというサン…